Current State July 1, 2016

    1. Communities represented and objectives listed in the Divvy living document.
    2. Projects in start autonomously when the required support is collected.
    3. Meetings of project teams may be scheduled in and held in the Divvy lobby zoom room.
    4. Sentiment on proposed work plans may be collected in Synereo working group loomio for now.
    5. blog and collaboration website are under development.
    6. Embryonic Divvy token in google spreadsheet and experimental Ethereum testnet or sandbox.  Testnet ETH and Omniwallet AMP addresses are being collected from members.
    7. slack  (request an invite) is default asynchronous communication channel
    8. The live office lobby is a zoom room with teams divvying into their own zoom rooms.
    9. Weekly general meetings in the lobby zoom room at 10am EDT Tuesday.
    10. Taiga is initial choice for project management though teams can use what they want.
    11. Other autonomous cooperative activities.
    12. When sufficient collaboration resources are attained for a statement of work, the project is started autonomously.
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