Why do we need Synereo?

Synereo reinvents the attention economy and the internet.

Synereo is much more than a decentralized FaceBook. The Synereo attention economy will disintermediate media such that you maintain ownership and control of the content you create and the attention you provide on-line. Douglas Rushkoff wrote, “You are not using the internet, the internet is using you.” . Synereo offers a path to righting this wrong.

Synereo has its own currency, the AMP to power the attention economy, which is engineered to reward content providers, curators and viewers equitably. The profit of your participation and attention will no longer go to giant corporations. You will no longer be the product. There will be no God’s eye view of your content or activity on the network providing you unprecedented privacy and control. At the same time Synereo will learn reactively what you like by the attention you give content. You will get the content you want without the necessity of revealing what that is to anyone or that being decided by FaceBook or anyone else.

Synereo is a distributed application platform for building the applications of the future supporting privacy, autonomy and consensual collaboration. It will be a network that nobody owns or controls. Many see it as not only replacing FaceBook and other social networks, but as ultimately making all existing channels of communications obsolete, starting with insecure email and chat systems.

The magic of the AMP allows applications to emerge naturally just by people using the system. In addition to this reactive evolution of applications the social contractracting capability will give us the freedom to proactively define our own contracts between ourselves and others ushering in a new era of collaborative user programming. Our contracts will orchestrate our group processes helping us all to be good players in our communities making them effective and evolving our application support proactively.

Scalability issues. the exploit of The DAO and other exploits has put into question the viability of realizing the promises of blockchain technology. Thankfully Synereo is innovating a new scalable blockchain technology that does both static compile time verification and formally constrained behavior at run time based on mobile asynchronous process calculus. Instead of telling the computer how to do something we specify the desired behavior formally constraining the program to produce the required outcome. If for example there is a possible deadlock situation that might occur, the program would not even compile. Traditionally, these situations are often not found until they actually happen in production and the cause may never be found. The recursively sharded variable size block “rchain” driven by the formal mobile asynchronous communicating process calculus (rho-calc pi-calc variation) represents a major advancement in blockchain technology.

The algorithmic certainty of Synereo contrasts with Bitcoin in that it is subservient to heart and community as opposed to putting the fate of humanity in machines.. (See this thread for the Synereo response to The DAO exploit.) The algorithmic certainty of Synereo is in following your rules, not those imposed on you by others.

The math behind Synereo is abstract. People tend want simple answers to complex problems. Only advanced mathematicians can see the simple beauty of the Synereo solution. And yet many of us glimpse the vision and trust in them.

The vision includes the creation of a computational network including all synereo nodes. It provides the user’s intelligent agent empowering individuals by acting on their behalf according to their own rules. Synereo can be our personal assistant, enforcing and applying our rules, proxying all our distributed applications, acting on our behalf, on an internet scale rho-calc verifiable formal machine we all share, as a giant AI we each can employ on a level playing field.

Synereo can all of these things and more. It can be the next evolutionary step of the internet; A new operating system for decentralized cyberspace. To me it represents hope that humanity might ultimately capitalize on human potential and populate the galaxy and beyond.

While over the past year and a half since the initial crowdsale the theory and design of Synereo has advanced greatly increasing its potential utility and scalability, the release of Synereo itself has been delayed. The original code base (Synereo 1) is being released as an “alpha” while the new development (Synereo 2) is just beginning, to be released in about a year.

In the mean time We are employing internet 2 tools and prototyping our contracts on Ethereum in the anticipation of evolving all our applications to the Synereo platform as it develops in DivvyDAO.org.

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