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Your Project Team will be creating distributed applications or Dapps on the Divvy Platform, an exciting new App Development Environment where Project Tokens are forged and fused with Dapps in the  world of smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies.

In the Divvy Project Space you will be creating the tools for the decentralized autonomous organizations of the future.

A wide range of skill sets are needed in any Divvy Project, and it’s likely your skill set is needed, so get involved by joining the Divvy Community on Mattermost:

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Join the Divvy Tasking & Talent Pool by filling out our brief form below. By doing so you can make yourself available to fill roles in existing projects or as new projects are conceived and implemented.

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you are always welcome to share your ideas with the Community by joining our Zoom Community Meeting every Tuesday at 10:00 AM Eastern US time

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This site is in transition. Stay tuned for updates.

Divvy aims to support our Divvy Community and other member communities in a joint collaborative environment on a disintermediated organizational support infrastructure.

This is an invitation to combine the efforts of the many innovators within this space. 

With that in mind, Divvy is building an open-source platform to support a market organism of interoperable public and private group mediated enterprises called The Divvy DAO.

The Divvy Platform will provide the tools that decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) require to be efficient, effective, and resilient, setting goals and establishing tasks in any enterprise while rewarding those putting forth the effort in completing those tasks.

We aim to develop autonomous governance tools which incentivises constructive effort. Within this ecosystem projects are proposed, tasks are created, rewards are assigned, tasks are completed and Tokens are awarded. This according to the community stakeholders who ultimately steer the development of the task management platform leading to a Divvy Marketplace.

Divvy is engaged in a Pilot to develop all these things and more.