Welcome to Divvy

Internet applications are now becoming decentralized leaving ripples of disruption across everything we do.  Either we embrace this change or risk being left behind. Divvy aims to support member communities and their collaboration on a disintermediated organizational support infrastructure.

This is an invitation to combine the efforts of the many innovators within this space. 

With that in mind, Divvy is building an open-source platform to support a market organism of interoperable public and private group mediated enterprises called The Divvy DAO.

The Divvy Platform will provide the tools that decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) require to be efficient, effective, and resilient, setting goals and establishing tasks in any enterprise while rewarding those putting forth the effort in completing those tasks.


We aim to develop autonomous governance tools which incentivises constructive effort. Within this ecosystem projects are proposed, tasks are created, rewards are assigned, tasks are completed and Tokens are awarded. This according to the community stakeholders who ultimately steer the development of the task management platform leading to a Divvy Marketplace.

Divvy is proposing a Pilot to develop all these things and more.

To learn about the Divvy Pilot please go to the Divvy Community Manual as a good starting point for understanding the Divvy project. Once there you will find navigation links just under the title and lead in paragraph. Please feel free to comment on any document which allows it and please do get involved.

We also invite you to participate within Divvy by becoming part of the Divvy community.