Theory of Global Change


Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment November 2016 Bounty Payoff Matrix project: Payoff decision matrix Spreadsheet link – Bounty claim link

Bounties AMPs Divvy cryto index total points
Total bounty 5000 1000 10000 2767
Slack name
artraxon 108 22 216 62
assesauga 33 7 66 19
bhuxley 64 13 129 37
billscarver 87 17 174 50
btcmacroecon 164 33 328 94
cameron.s.hunt 103 21 206 59
delawer 87 17 174 50
ervin-lemark 223 45 446 128
handor 78 16 157 45
jimscarver 772 154 1544 443
joeri 213 43 425 122
jos.denmark 96 19 192 55
jwhooper74 96 19 192 55
kendall 58 12 115 33
lapin7 178 36 356 102
m4nki 383 77 767 220
malthusjohn 167 33 335 96
otomplodomo 336 67 673 193
patrick727 145 29 289 83
pdube 164 33 328 94
planteater 441 88 882 253
rb 120 24 241 69
seki 23 5 45 13
sevalue 261 52 523 150
skywave 390 78 781 224
stephenpk 99 20 199 57
teo 33 7 66 19
theo.godspeed 44 9 87 25
volsung 33 7 66 19


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DivvyDAO and Synereo: Synereo Governance Conference Sept. 10, 2016

We invite you to attend Jim’s DivvyDAO presentation at the Synereo conference in Vancouver.


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Disrupting Wetiko, combating evil in the decentralized world with Paul Levy.

Disrupting Wetiko, combating evil in the decentralized world with Paul Levy.

Weigh in on your sentiment while watching at

Where we find consensus we can collaborate in order to cooperate more effectively. This experimental Divvy Debate seeks to identify where consensus is possible to create a less destructive society and identify the tensions inhibiting positive change.  

  1. First we explore the roots of how we are led to behaviors that ultimately are not in our personal or mutual interest by emergent entities having the characteristics of spirit, Wetiko.
  2. Then we consider combating Wetiko with self enlightenment, productive mind game memetics,
  3. and how decentralized technology combates Wetiko (briefly).

Format: An ideal group size of about 4.5 panelists suggesting possible consensus in broadcast audio/video zoom room with wisdom of the crowd feedback in 1/2 hour to 1,5 hour. we finish when we finish, the requirement for panelists is to be there at least 1/2 hour.

Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy– “There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus—which Native Americans have called “wetiko”—covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own madness and compelling them to act against their own best interests.“  Read More issues (proposals)  

  • The native american notion of Wetiko, the evil spirit, is a reasonable model of the ills of society
  • Mind Parasites of Colin Wilson, Wetiko and Archonic are a Reality
  • Wetiko can both save or destroy humanity
  • Information is physical, mind, spirit and matter are of the same substance
  • Our universe can be considered an information ecology having a memetic nature.
  • Self enlightenment or awakening from our dream of reality alone can defeat Wetiko
  • Could Wetiko be harnessed and exploited just as we have harnessed and exploited animals?
  • Can large scale synchronizing events act as catalysts for steering the Wetiko in directions more in line with our benefit and goals as opposed to the mere consumption of our mental resources by the Wetiko?
  • Decentralized technology frees humanity to combat evil grassroots  
    • Disintermediated media can free us from being controlled by media giants.
    • Alternative currencies and mutual credit technology enables can free us from the evils of monetary power
    • Global open marketplace technology can free us from wage slavery

To be done (process doc)

  1. Select relevant tension of ideas limiting science and society.
  2. Volunteer or propose filling organizer, moderator, media producer and secretary roles.
  3. Create document for debate current status to collect budget, positions etc.
  4. Authorize Δ budget.
  5. Enumerate the perspectives and advocates/panelists.
    1. Paul Levy, mind viruses are fact and we can learn to be awakened to them
    2. Jim Whitecarver, information is physical
    3. Michael Marinovicdomain independent language (logic) can build consensus
    4. Adam Alonzi,  other
    5. Stephen Paul King, Wetiko may be an example of the activity of works like natural versions of AI in distributed and variable networks. Networks can be made of meat.
    6. Patrick, other
  6. Collect short (about a paragraph) position papers on each perspective and link above.
  7. Add tensions in
  8. Decide format and timing. e.g. time for each position introduction. Moderator is responsible for presenting positions not represented by panelists.
  9. Schedule debate (sync or async),
  10. Promote, slacks, facebook, twitter, blog
  11. Execute. for live streaming on youtube. Divvy live URL
  12. edit , post, and promote video/ on slacks, facebook, twitter, blog
  13. Evaluate
    1. Great show, can be used as example to help grow communtyIn adequate promotion
    2. Zoom should be in speaker view mode, not gallery view (except when person speaking has no cam).  1st ½ all in gallery view 🙁
    3. Planned 5 min position intro and 2 min rebuttal which worked reasonably with some flexibility. The guest speaker was given a lot of leeway.  Patrick ran clock and put warnings in chat. Sometimes a bell sounded which reduced the need to interrupt speakers.  An alternate is to cut people
    4. A great question was put in this doc and copied to the chat but not addressed.  A suggested reference to the four agreements was not addressed but good for future collaboratory debate and adopted potentially to be promoted Divvy memeplex..
    5. Roles need to be better defined.
    6. Roles need to filled well before the debate. A debate should not proceed without a critical mass of support.  Many hands make lite work.  One person cannot reasonably fill most of the roles and get anything else done planning, executing and evaluating.  
    7. The debate was advertized to address how decentralization can which did not get introduced until near the end and panelists did not engage, but continued discussion of prior themes.  Time limits on each theme need to be enforced somehow it the planned material is to be covered. We can continue the debate if there is a critical mass of support.
    8. Topic added to this doc could not be addressed as well as comments below.
    9. The youtube stream was left running overnight posting a 9 hour video of my screen that needs to be trimmed.
    10. The theme of developing a language for change was embraced by many.


  1. Improve process doc.
    1. Experiment with improvements based on evaluation.
    2. Compare above to process doc adding what is generally applicable.


Neil Postman wrote Amusing ourselves to death and Technopoly. These books elaborate on the issue of technology and humanity coming together.  Technology relies on a different language entirely than humans do. The reliance on technology has created a gap in meaning between groups of people on how to communicate about shared problems. The ability to plan is based on agreements in meaning leading to agreements in plans. Therefore the ability to create consensus is determined by agreements in meanings before it can manifest. This also applies at a psychological level when attempting to face inner aspects of the self, seldom described in words except in mythological and spiritual ways.


A common issue with consensus is agreeing on meanings and sets of meanings. So the ability to develop heuristics and plans goes a long way to how people agree. Agreement is really all about concurrent meanings occurring for the same purpose. The ability for a large group of people to experience an event concurrently lets them share the meaning of the event. So this discusses how information jumbles the ability to reach consensus. Information is not occurring the same way or at the same time for everyone. So it ultimately rests in the case of giving everyone the same information or changing authority levels of people who have the right information against those who do not. Wetiko embodies this idea of how people are attracted to belief systems based on experiences leading to a bad outcome. The ability to have awareness is essential to overcoming these aggregate effects. The only way to give a systemic method of awareness relies primarily on visual languages and planning to learn how to use these symbols in a specific way. But there are more tools available than that in 2016. Most of these tools are decentralized and highly effective at causing group momentum towards specific enterprises.

Some tools include planning theories and heuristics. But some common tools involve DAGs and Petri nets to visualize complex systems THese are described as ways to model how agreement is an ecological mechanism of referential temporospatial systems. So the ability to construct a language that is domain independent is key to creating a temporospatial system. And the ability to reference manifolds rather than the particular instances is the process this language enables. michael

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Divvy Debate Arena 0.1

Audio video debates with real time and asynchronous public feedback.

Today we can podcast youtube live zoom plus for Oxford style or other debating format.  The debate arena is open to any debate style.

This is the platform we have today where we can experiment and gain experience while hopefully getting sponsors for 1.0 features.  We hope to produce a few high quality debates to give us credibility.

Memetic Engineering 101

Bertrand Russell proclaimed that with one false statement he could prove anything.  Myths commonly believed and facts known to be true but not generally believed plague humanity. False beliefs make us all unwitting participants in memetic processes against both self and mutual interest. Wetiko (Archonic) malignant egophrenia mass epidemic can destroy or awaken humanity.  We can identify tensions in belief in science and society and bring together the various perspectives in the hope of exposing the truths and myths in each perspective.

The following is a process being evolved.  This is a snapshot of the mechanisms we are following today. Tomorrow it will be adapted and will change before we even run our first debate. Participate is the current version here.


  1. Select relevant tension of ideas limiting science and society.
  2. Volunteer or propose filling organizer, moderator, media producer and secretary roles.
  3. Create document for debate current status to collect budget, positions etc.
  4. Authorize budget.
  5. Enumerate the perspectives and advocates/panelists.
  6. Collect short (about a paragraph) position papers on each perspective.
  7. Add tensions in for attaining public sentiment.
  8. Decide format and timing. e.g. time for each position introduction. Moderator is responsible for presenting positions not represented by panelists.
  9. Schedule debate (sync or async),
  10. Promote
  11. Execute. for live streaming on youtube. Divvy live URL
  12. evaluate


Debate topics/schedule:

Can memetic entities having real effect in this world be considered physical?  How are they distinct from other quantum causality?  E.g.  Wetiko/Archonic. Is information physical?

  • Date: 8/15/16 4pm EDT
  • Organizer jimscarver 300Δ
  • Moderator: ? 300Δ
  • Secretary: ? 200Δ
  • Media producer: ? 300Δ
  • Panelists: Paul Levy,  malthisjohn, ?, ?. 100Δ each who register at divvy

Proposed Future Topics

Was Einstein Wrong?  (Purpose: Dispelling the commonly believed myths surrounding uncertainty and non-locality). – Jim Whitescvarver; TBD

Is two party system good for democracy? – TBD

Is the science settled? -TBD

Do we need more gun control? Or How should gun control be improved?

Does having government back doors into security improve or diminish national security?

Is taxing income and sales ethical?   Are incentives for capital gains right for america? Are low capital gains taxes good just because income tax is bad?

Is there hope for humanity?

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DivvyDAO – Collaborative DAO project building the stepping stones to social adaption in the cryptoeconomy

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is excited to bring light to an exciting project that is taking off like spontaneous combustion and it entails cryptocurrency and collaboration in a system determined to enhance the social aspect in the cryptoeconomy and yet protect individual personal identification, privacy, and security.

I am seeking alternatives in life and I am enjoying the high technology that is so cutting edge that it’s almost better to dive in where the hockey puck is going to be rather than otherwise not. I researched and I became fascinated with the smart contract as it related to slocks (smart locks, which are built with smart contracts), and yet they gifted society with the DAO contract. For those of you that may not know it, Christoph Jentzsch is a founder of and also wrote the “code” for the DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, and at one time 166 million dollars (USD equivalent) in 28 days was raised, yet and DAO token holders could buy in and have equity with their tokens and vote on how the funds, millions of $$$, could be used and be rewarded autonomously yet as the voting public.
Well the DAO did have some problems, including a hack that is being heroically resolved with a “soft” fork on the blockchain. But another problem emerged with a chaotic voting procedure as the proposals for the DAO ensued. That’s a lot of money invested into “tokens”. And yet proposals still were vetted and public debate began. But it was chaotic and handled through the Ethereum “wallet” and blockchain. DAO tokens were created with the Ethereum blockchain. So people or investors (whoever they may be) invested and had voting rights. This is a good place to start and it was the founder of the DAOs intention that people vote for the benefit of the DAO, yet the period from the inception to the proposal vetting to the hack was chaotic to say the least. As a DAO token holder, you had to pay attention, as well you should.
DAO 2.0 is emerging like spontaneous combustion.
DivvyDAO came about in a coalescing affect as the Ethereum Cooperative came in contact with DivvyDAO,founded by Jim Whitescarver – a well organized and determined guru on collaborative learning models and hellbent on protecting identity, reputation, privacy and personal security in the cryptoeconomy and the world going forward.
Public discourse is arrived from we the individual. We start as the individual and coalesce and have the ability to use the technology for what it is there for, not to spy on us, or render working people jobless, but to put the social aspect in the mix, with built in value that involves systems of governance that will offer a proper medium and this will involve public discourse, equal opportunity, uncensored, decentralized, and DivvyDAO dollars.
With spontaneous combustion comes a blog, a forum for voting opinions, and already we are building a system for public debate with moderation built in and real debates that are timed, and get this – with on the side in live time that people can vote on in a live debate or group discussion. This will not only benefit decisions for this token and projects associated with it, but also the rest of general society as the ramifications are perfect, alternatively speaking. People can debate with the same questions, unlike the theater seen on Fox News or CNN. But we will offer this forum for public debate on the DivvyDAO going forward in a collaborative fashion. And yet the same functions can be allowed for any debate, and they can be as crazy as you can imagine. We are looking at incorporating a voting system for the content of the debate and blogs, etc complete with DivvyDAO tokens, and hope to involve inclusion of many and arrive at the best and reward the best and advance the ideas in the pipeline. And over the top, Virtual Reality is being thrown out there for a medium be it a board room setting or any setting. The world is truly ours to build and we can do it via the blockchain. DivvyDAO is the project that will combust soon.
Here’s a look at what’s going on: to obtain proposal solicit sentiment and solicit participation

VOIP chat server for free and open uncensored discussion.

Applications of divvy tools for cooperative applications beyond community support

Etherium Cooperative – Divvy community collaborating on ethereum applications

Projects we want to work on:

Divvy Blog

OpenID login

Audio / Video for debates and proposals or group discussions

Community token exchange

Clone The DAO liquid democracy for Divvy

Private key management using Synereo SpecialK



Virtual Reality

And that’s just for starters.

The key here will be whether or not people have the collective intelligence to take the bull by horns and take the technology in a new direction in a collective effort or whether the technology becomes stagnant or invades, spies, breaks down society, and diminishes society in a centralized fashion.

So consider decentralization. Centralization is not working unless your the elite. At least there are systems being built and it is exciting to be a part of a new methodology as it advances cryptocurrency.

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Why do we need Synereo?

Synereo reinvents the attention economy and the internet.

Synereo is much more than a decentralized FaceBook. The Synereo attention economy will disintermediate media such that you maintain ownership and control of the content you create and the attention you provide on-line. Douglas Rushkoff wrote, “You are not using the internet, the internet is using you.” . Synereo offers a path to righting this wrong.

Synereo has its own currency, the AMP to power the attention economy, which is engineered to reward content providers, curators and viewers equitably. The profit of your participation and attention will no longer go to giant corporations. You will no longer be the product. There will be no God’s eye view of your content or activity on the network providing you unprecedented privacy and control. At the same time Synereo will learn reactively what you like by the attention you give content. You will get the content you want without the necessity of revealing what that is to anyone or that being decided by FaceBook or anyone else.

Synereo is a distributed application platform for building the applications of the future supporting privacy, autonomy and consensual collaboration. It will be a network that nobody owns or controls. Many see it as not only replacing FaceBook and other social networks, but as ultimately making all existing channels of communications obsolete, starting with insecure email and chat systems.

The magic of the AMP allows applications to emerge naturally just by people using the system. In addition to this reactive evolution of applications the social contractracting capability will give us the freedom to proactively define our own contracts between ourselves and others ushering in a new era of collaborative user programming. Our contracts will orchestrate our group processes helping us all to be good players in our communities making them effective and evolving our application support proactively.

Scalability issues. the exploit of The DAO and other exploits has put into question the viability of realizing the promises of blockchain technology. Thankfully Synereo is innovating a new scalable blockchain technology that does both static compile time verification and formally constrained behavior at run time based on mobile asynchronous process calculus. Instead of telling the computer how to do something we specify the desired behavior formally constraining the program to produce the required outcome. If for example there is a possible deadlock situation that might occur, the program would not even compile. Traditionally, these situations are often not found until they actually happen in production and the cause may never be found. The recursively sharded variable size block “rchain” driven by the formal mobile asynchronous communicating process calculus (rho-calc pi-calc variation) represents a major advancement in blockchain technology.

The algorithmic certainty of Synereo contrasts with Bitcoin in that it is subservient to heart and community as opposed to putting the fate of humanity in machines.. (See this thread for the Synereo response to The DAO exploit.) The algorithmic certainty of Synereo is in following your rules, not those imposed on you by others.

The math behind Synereo is abstract. People tend want simple answers to complex problems. Only advanced mathematicians can see the simple beauty of the Synereo solution. And yet many of us glimpse the vision and trust in them.

The vision includes the creation of a computational network including all synereo nodes. It provides the user’s intelligent agent empowering individuals by acting on their behalf according to their own rules. Synereo can be our personal assistant, enforcing and applying our rules, proxying all our distributed applications, acting on our behalf, on an internet scale rho-calc verifiable formal machine we all share, as a giant AI we each can employ on a level playing field.

Synereo can all of these things and more. It can be the next evolutionary step of the internet; A new operating system for decentralized cyberspace. To me it represents hope that humanity might ultimately capitalize on human potential and populate the galaxy and beyond.

While over the past year and a half since the initial crowdsale the theory and design of Synereo has advanced greatly increasing its potential utility and scalability, the release of Synereo itself has been delayed. The original code base (Synereo 1) is being released as an “alpha” while the new development (Synereo 2) is just beginning, to be released in about a year.

In the mean time We are employing internet 2 tools and prototyping our contracts on Ethereum in the anticipation of evolving all our applications to the Synereo platform as it develops in

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Current State July 1, 2016

    1. Communities represented and objectives listed in the Divvy living document.
    2. Projects in start autonomously when the required support is collected.
    3. Meetings of project teams may be scheduled in and held in the Divvy lobby zoom room.
    4. Sentiment on proposed work plans may be collected in Synereo working group loomio for now.
    5. blog and collaboration website are under development.
    6. Embryonic Divvy token in google spreadsheet and experimental Ethereum testnet or sandbox.  Testnet ETH and Omniwallet AMP addresses are being collected from members.
    7. slack  (request an invite) is default asynchronous communication channel
    8. The live office lobby is a zoom room with teams divvying into their own zoom rooms.
    9. Weekly general meetings in the lobby zoom room at 10am EDT Tuesday.
    10. Taiga is initial choice for project management though teams can use what they want.
    11. Other autonomous cooperative activities.
    12. When sufficient collaboration resources are attained for a statement of work, the project is started autonomously.
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Welcome to DivvyDAO!

Hello, we are all very happy to be able to be working in this exciting industry of computer science.

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