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DivvyDAO – Collaborative DAO project building the stepping stones to social adaption in the cryptoeconomy Bitcoin Macroeconomics is excited to bring light to an exciting project that is taking off like spontaneous combustion and it entails cryptocurrency and collaboration in a system determined to enhance the social aspect in the cryptoeconomy and yet protect … Continue reading

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Why do we need Synereo?

Synereo reinvents the attention economy and the internet. Synereo is much more than a decentralized FaceBook. The Synereo attention economy will disintermediate media such that you maintain ownership and control of the content you create and the attention you provide … Continue reading

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Current State July 1, 2016

Communities represented and objectives listed in the Divvy living document. Projects in start autonomously when the required support is collected. Meetings of project teams may be scheduled in and held in the Divvy lobby zoom room. Sentiment on … Continue reading

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