DivvyDAO – Collaborative DAO project building the stepping stones to social adaption in the cryptoeconomy


Bitcoin Macroeconomics is excited to bring light to an exciting project that is taking off like spontaneous combustion and it entails cryptocurrency and collaboration in a system determined to enhance the social aspect in the cryptoeconomy and yet protect individual personal identification, privacy, and security.

I am seeking alternatives in life and I am enjoying the high technology that is so cutting edge that it’s almost better to dive in where the hockey puck is going to be rather than otherwise not. I researched slock.it and I became fascinated with the smart contract as it related to slocks (smart locks, which are built with smart contracts), and yet they gifted society with the DAO contract. For those of you that may not know it, Christoph Jentzsch is a founder of Slock.it and also wrote the “code” for the DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, and at one time 166 million dollars (USD equivalent) in 28 days was raised, yet and DAO token holders could buy in and have equity with their tokens and vote on how the funds, millions of $$$, could be used and be rewarded autonomously yet as the voting public.
Well the DAO did have some problems, including a hack that is being heroically resolved with a “soft” fork on the blockchain. But another problem emerged with a chaotic voting procedure as the proposals for the DAO ensued. That’s a lot of money invested into “tokens”. And yet proposals still were vetted and public debate began. But it was chaotic and handled through the Ethereum “wallet” and blockchain. DAO tokens were created with the Ethereum blockchain. So people or investors (whoever they may be) invested and had voting rights. This is a good place to start and it was the founder of the DAOs intention that people vote for the benefit of the DAO, yet the period from the inception to the proposal vetting to the hack was chaotic to say the least. As a DAO token holder, you had to pay attention, as well you should.
DAO 2.0 is emerging like spontaneous combustion.
DivvyDAO came about in a coalescing affect as the Ethereum Cooperative came in contact with DivvyDAO,founded by Jim Whitescarver – a well organized and determined guru on collaborative learning models and hellbent on protecting identity, reputation, privacy and personal security in the cryptoeconomy and the world going forward.
Public discourse is arrived from we the individual. We start as the individual and coalesce and have the ability to use the technology for what it is there for, not to spy on us, or render working people jobless, but to put the social aspect in the mix, with built in value that involves systems of governance that will offer a proper medium and this will involve public discourse, equal opportunity, uncensored, decentralized, and DivvyDAO dollars.
With spontaneous combustion comes a blog, a forum for voting opinions, and already we are building a system for public debate with moderation built in and real debates that are timed, and get this – with Consider.it on the side in live time that people can vote on in a live debate or group discussion. This will not only benefit decisions for this token and projects associated with it, but also the rest of general society as the ramifications are perfect, alternatively speaking. People can debate with the same questions, unlike the theater seen on Fox News or CNN. But we will offer this forum for public debate on the DivvyDAO going forward in a collaborative fashion. And yet the same functions can be allowed for any debate, and they can be as crazy as you can imagine. We are looking at incorporating a voting system for the content of the debate and blogs, etc complete with DivvyDAO tokens, and hope to involve inclusion of many and arrive at the best and reward the best and advance the ideas in the pipeline. And over the top, Virtual Reality is being thrown out there for a medium be it a board room setting or any setting. The world is truly ours to build and we can do it via the blockchain. DivvyDAO is the project that will combust soon.
Here’s a look at what’s going on:

divvy.consider.it to obtain proposal solicit sentiment and solicit participation

VOIP chat server for free and open uncensored discussion.

Applications of divvy tools for cooperative applications beyond community support

Etherium Cooperative – Divvy community collaborating on ethereum applications

Projects we want to work on:

Divvy Blog

OpenID login

Audio / Video for debates and proposals or group discussions

Community token exchange

Clone The DAO liquid democracy for Divvy



Virtual Reality

And that’s just for starters.

The key here will be whether or not people have the collective intelligence to take the bull by horns and take the technology in a new direction in a collective effort or whether the technology becomes stagnant or invades, spies, breaks down society, and diminishes society in a centralized fashion.

So consider decentralization. Centralization is not working unless you’re the elite. At least there are systems being built and it is exciting to be a part of a new methodology as it advances cryptocurrency.

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