Divvy Debate Arena 0.1

Audio video debates with real time and asynchronous public feedback.

Today we can podcast youtube live zoom plus consider.it for Oxford style or other debating format.  The debate arena is open to any debate style.

This is the platform we have today where we can experiment and gain experience while hopefully getting sponsors for 1.0 features.  We hope to produce a few high quality debates to give us credibility.

Memetic Engineering 101

Bertrand Russell proclaimed that with one false statement he could prove anything.  Myths commonly believed and facts known to be true but not generally believed plague humanity. False beliefs make us all unwitting participants in memetic processes against both self and mutual interest. Wetiko (Archonic) malignant egophrenia mass epidemic can destroy or awaken humanity.  We can identify tensions in belief in science and society and bring together the various perspectives in the hope of exposing the truths and myths in each perspective.

The following is a process being evolved.  This is a snapshot of the mechanisms we are following today. Tomorrow it will be adapted and will change before we even run our first debate. Participate is the current version here.


  1. Select relevant tension of ideas limiting science and society.
  2. Volunteer or propose filling organizer, moderator, media producer and secretary roles.
  3. Create document for debate current status to collect budget, positions etc.
  4. Authorize budget.
  5. Enumerate the perspectives and advocates/panelists.
  6. Collect short (about a paragraph) position papers on each perspective.
  7. Add tensions in consider.it for attaining public sentiment.
  8. Decide format and timing. e.g. time for each position introduction. Moderator is responsible for presenting positions not represented by panelists.
  9. Schedule debate (sync or async),
  10. Promote
  11. Execute. https://obsproject.com/ for live streaming on youtube. Divvy live URL
  12. evaluate


Debate topics/schedule:

Can memetic entities having real effect in this world be considered physical?  How are they distinct from other quantum causality?  E.g.  Wetiko/Archonic. Is information physical?

  • Date: 8/15/16 4pm EDT
  • Organizer jimscarver 300Δ
  • Moderator: ? 300Δ
  • Secretary: ? 200Δ
  • Media producer: ? 300Δ
  • Panelists: Paul Levy,  malthisjohn, ?, ?. 100Δ each who register at divvy

Proposed Future Topics

Was Einstein Wrong?  (Purpose: Dispelling the commonly believed myths surrounding uncertainty and non-locality). – Jim Whitescvarver; TBD

Is two party system good for democracy? – TBD

Is the science settled? -TBD

Do we need more gun control? Or How should gun control be improved?

Does having government back doors into security improve or diminish national security?

Is taxing income and sales ethical?   Are incentives for capital gains right for america? Are low capital gains taxes good just because income tax is bad?

Is there hope for humanity?

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